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Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, Social Media And More

Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham?

Butterfly Rose Oldham, at 24 years of age, is perceived as the daughter of the American entertainer Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham. Close by her, she shares a kin named AjaBleu Oldham. Experiencing childhood at the center of attention, Butterfly Rose appears to convey a remarkable appeal and maybe a hint of her mom’s beauty. While she might have acquired her parent’s ability and energy for artistic expression, Butterfly Rose is cutting her own way on the planet, away from the shadow of her popular genealogy. With a mix of her folks’ qualities, she without a doubt has a mix of magnificence, moxy, and maybe even a sprinkle of secret. As she explores her direction through adulthood, Butterfly Rose Oldham remains as a demonstration of the getting through tradition of her family in media outlets while at the same time making her own character.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Early Life

Butterfly Oldham appeared on the scene on October 19, 1998, directly in the core of Los Angeles. She’s the most youthful in the Oldham faction, brought into the world by the gifted entertainer Kimberly Elise and her better half Maurice Clifton Oldham. With solidly established roots in American soil, Butterfly gladly embraces her Afro-American legacy. Growing up, she shared her life as a youngster undertakings with her more established sister, AjaBleu, making a bond that endures forever.

Her instructive excursion took her across landmasses, beginning with a stretch at the College of Paris and later proceeding with her examinations at The New School in Manhattan. All through everything, Butterfly was wrapped in a cover of affection and warmth, sustained by her folks who guaranteed she had a potential open door to spread her wings and fly.


Full NameButterfly Rose Oldham
Famous asKimberly Elise’s Daughter
Date of BirthOctober 19, 1998
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac SignLibra
ProfessionMarketing Manager
Current ResidencyUnited States of America
Marital StatusIn a Relationship
PartnerKashan Jabari Fields
FatherMaurice Oldham
MotherKimberly Elise
SiblingAjaBleu Oldham
GrandparentsMarvin Trammel, Erma Jean Johnson Trammel, Mamie Oldham, Maurice Clifton Oldham
EthnicityAfrican American
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$2 million


Butterfly Rose Oldham’s instructive excursion has been all around as different as her social foundation. Starting her scholastic interests at the College of Paris, she wandered past the boundaries of her country to drench herself in a worldwide growth opportunity. Afterward, she proceeded with her examinations at The New School in Manhattan, where she without a doubt flourished in the dynamic air of one of the world’s social centers. All through her instructive undertakings, Butterfly Rose exhibited her scholarly interest as well as her readiness to investigate new skylines and embrace different viewpoints. With each step of her instructive excursion, she improved her abilities and extended her insight, setting herself up to have a significant effect in any way she decides to seek after.

Age, Height, Weight and Other Features

Brought into the world on October 19, 1998, Butterfly Rose Oldham is a 24-year-old Libra, favored with a level of 5 feet 3 inches and a load of around 50 kilograms. Her presence is striking, described by streaming dark hair that approaches her face and profound, entrancing dim earthy colored eyes that appear to hold a universe of stories inside them. These actual traits, combined with her enchanting character, without a doubt make her an enamoring presence in any room she enters.

Personal life

In her own life, Butterfly Rose Oldham emanates warmth and realness, mirroring the adoration and backing she got from her family while growing up. In spite of being naturally introduced to the spotlight as the daughter of prestigious entertainer Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham, she has figured out how to keep a grounded way to deal with life. Butterfly Rose esteems her connections profoundly, clear in her nearby bond with her sister, AjaBleu Oldham, and her accomplice, Kashan Jabari Fields.

While her expert undertakings as a Promoting Chief exhibit her commitment and desire, her unique interactions genuinely characterize her. Whether investing quality energy with friends and family or investigating her interests beyond work, Butterfly Rose treasures each second and embraces existence with excitement. Her obligation to credibility and her capacity to adjust her own and proficient life act as a motivation to people around her, setting her as a little girl of Hollywood sovereignty, yet as a certifiable and sympathetic individual cutting her own way on the planet.

Kimberly Elise: The Mother of Butterfly Rose Oldham

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kimberly Elise Encumber was brought into the world on April 17, 1967. As a cultivated American entertainer in both film and TV, Kimberly has made a permanent imprint on media outlets. Her advancement accompanied her enrapturing execution in the 1996 hit film “Set It Off,” which shot her into the spotlight. From that point forward, she has reliably conveyed heavenly exhibitions, acquiring basic approval for her jobs, eminently in the film “Cherished.”

Past her famous lifetime, Kimberly is a given mother to her two kids, Butterfly Rose Oldham and AjaBleu Oldham, whom she imparts to her significant other Maurice Oldham. Family holds an extraordinary spot in her heart, and she invests wholeheartedly in sustaining and supporting her kids as they explore their own ways.

Notwithstanding her acting ability, Kimberly additionally draws in with her crowd through web-based entertainment stages like Instagram, where she shares looks into her life and offers experiences to her supporters. Her presence in the computerized circle further cements her status as a regarded and powerful figure in media outlets, displaying her multi-layered gifts and steady devotion to her art and her loved ones.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Father: Maurice Oldham

Maurice Oldham, brought into the world on December 30, 1958, in Princeton, New Jersey, was something other than a name in the photography world; he was a narrator from the perspective. However, most popular as the previous spouse of the famous entertainer Kimberly Elise, Maurice’s abilities reached out a long way past his special interactions. His work behind the camera focal point caught snapshots of crude inclination and significant magnificence, leaving an engraving on the hearts of the individuals who experienced his craft.

Unfortunately, his life was stopped on May 21, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, abandoning a heritage that keeps on moving. Past his photography, Maurice loaned his imaginative touch to different film projects, contributing his vision to films like “Lady Thou Craftsmanship Loosed” (2004) and “A Person Strolls Into a Bar” (1997). His imaginative sensibilities and devotion to his specialty left a persevering through influence on media outlets, advising us that genuine masterfulness rises above limits and lives on lengthy after the craftsman is no more.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Parents’ Relationship

The connection between Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham was one that held huge parts of affection and friendship, interlaced with difficulties and inevitable partition. Their process started in 1989 when they traded promises, denoting the beginning of a marriage that would traverse north of 10 years. Together, they invited two wonderful little girls into the world, making a family loaded up with affection and happiness.

In any case, as life frequently unfurls, their association confronted its portion of battles, eventually prompting their separation in 2005. The explanations for their choice to head out in different directions stay a confidential matter, covered in secret and hypothesis. In spite of the finish of their heartfelt organization, they stayed dedicated to co-nurturing their little girls, furnishing them with adoration and backing during a period of progress.

Unfortunately, Maurice Oldham’s passing in 2007 cast a sorry excuse for distress over their family, abandoning a void that would never be filled. In the outcome of their division and his awkward demise, Kimberly Elise explored the intricacies of anguish while proceeding to seek after her profession in media outlets. In the midst of the highs and lows of life, she tracked down comfort and strength in her work, directing her feelings into her exhibitions and embracing the potential open doors that lay ahead.

Soon after her separation, Kimberly Elise investigated new close connections, incorporating an imperative association with entertainer Shemar Moore from 2004 to 2005. Regardless of the exciting bends in the road of her own life, Kimberly Elise stayed unflinching in her obligation to development, versatility, and the quest for joy.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Sibling: AjaBleu Oldham

AjaBleu Oldham, the girl of Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham, epitomizes a feeling of interest and investigation that has characterized her life’s process. Brought into the world on Walk 16, 1990, she has effortlessly embraced her 33 years enthusiastically for disclosure and a pledge to her own and proficient pursuits.

Growing up in the midst of the lively culture of Los Angeles, AjaBleu’s childhood was enhanced by the variety and imagination of her environmental elements.

Her instructive way drove her to Hollywood, where she dove into the domains of craftsmanship history at The American College of Paris. Drenched in the rich embroidery of social legacy, AjaBleu fostered a distinct fascination with ethnic portrayals, investigating the subtleties and intricacies of portrayal inside the workmanship world.

Past scholarly community, AjaBleu has cut out her own specialty in the computerized scene, utilizing her foundation on Instagram under the handle @ajableubird to advocate for Dark claimed excellence items and praise the magnificence of variety. Her compelling presence via virtual entertainment fills in as an impetus for strengthening and inclusivity, rousing others to embrace their one of a kind characters and praise their legacy.

Notwithstanding her promotion work, AjaBleu is a carefully prepared voyager and content maker, sharing her experiences and bits of knowledge through her sightseeing blog, “Ajableu.com.” With an emphasis on open extravagance and magnificence, she welcomes her crowd to investigate the world from her perspective, revealing unlikely treasures and embracing the delight of disclosure.

Through her diverse undertakings, AjaBleu Oldham keeps on making history, advocating to close her heart and motivating others to bravely embrace their interests. As she explores life’s exciting bends in the road, AjaBleu stays a reference point of imagination, strength, and unflinching legitimacy.

Tragic Death of Butterfly Rose’s Father

For Butterfly Rose Oldham, May 21, 2007, denoted a staggering defining moment in her life. At only 8 years of age, she encountered the significant loss of her dad, Maurice Oldham, who unfortunately died at 48 years old because of an extreme blood cluster. The abruptness of his demise left a void in Butterfly Rose’s life that would never be filled.

Amidst sorrow and grieving, loved ones accumulated to respect Maurice’s memory at a commemoration administration held at the Agape Worldwide Otherworldly Center. It was a solemn yet huge occasion for Butterfly Rose, a second where she defied the truth of her dad’s nonattendance and wrestled with the feelings that went with it. However Maurice might have left this world unreasonably soon, his presence keeps on being felt in the hearts of the people who adored him, particularly his darling little girl, Butterfly Rose, who conveys his memory with her as she explores life’s excursion.

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s Career

Butterfly Rose Oldham’s expert process is a demonstration of her commitment and energy, both in her profession and inside her local area. At present filling in as a promoting chief at Bernstein Monetary Administrations Inc., she brings an abundance of mastery and imagination to her job, assisting with molding the organization’s essential course and market situating. Preceding this, Butterfly improved her abilities in showcasing systems while working for Kimberly Elise Regular Residing, where she assumed an urgent part in creating and executing significant promoting efforts.

Past her expert undertakings, Butterfly is profoundly dedicated to rewarding her local area. A functioning member in generous endeavors, she has committed her significant investment to adding to the Humboldt Express College’s Social Asset Place (CRF), where she has had a significant effect through her help and support.

Through her work and local area contribution, Butterfly Rose Oldham represents a comprehensive way to deal with progress, mixing her expert skill with a certifiable longing to have a beneficial outcome in the existence of others. Her steady obligation to greatness and her commitment to serving others act as a motivation to people around her, exhibiting the extraordinary force of enthusiasm, reason, and persistence.

Loss of Butterfly Rose’s Pet

In May 2018, Butterfly Rose Oldham confronted a tragic choice that many pet people fear. Her dearest sidekick, Kyla, had been boldly engaging a large number of medical problems, from joint pain to malignant growth and liquid development in her midsection. In spite of the affection and care showered upon her, obviously Kyla’s experience offset her personal satisfaction. With overwhelming sadness, Butterfly settled on the hard choice to facilitate Kyla’s aggravation and said her a serene goodbye.

The passing of a valued pet like Kyla makes a permanent imprint on the heart, and Butterfly without a doubt keeps dear the recollections of their common minutes intact. While the aggravation of bidding farewell might wait, the choice to focus on Kyla’s solace and prosperity remains as a demonstration of Butterfly’s empathy and steady commitment to her fuzzy companion.

Butterfly Rose Oldham Net Worth

Butterfly Rose Oldham keeps her monetary undertakings hidden, with her total assets staying undisclosed. Nonetheless, her mom, Kimberly Elise, has positively become well known in media outlets, aggregating significant abundance through her acting vocation. Starting around 2023, Kimberly’s total assets is assessed to be around $2 million, a demonstration of her ability and difficult work all through her effective expert excursion. While Butterfly Rose might decide to stay quiet about her monetary subtleties, her family’s monetary achievement fills in as a sign of the prizes that accompany devotion and steadiness in the realm of diversion.

Who is Butterfly Rose Oldham Dating?

In November 2019, Butterfly Rose Oldham took to Facebook to impart an exceptional declaration to her companions and supporters: she was involved with Kashan Jabari Fields, a local of Jacksonville, Florida. From that point forward, several have decided to keep their adoration life moderately hidden, choosing a calm way to deal with their relationship.

Butterfly’s beau, Kashan Fields, hails from Norfolk, Virginia, where he is employed at NextGen Virginia. His instructive excursion has taken him from Kempsville High to Western Branch Secondary School, and in the long run to Virginia State College, where he graduated. While Butterfly and Kashan might have occupied existences in their particular vocations, their obligation to one another radiates through, even in the midst of the rushing about of regular day to day existence.


Parentage and Family: Butterfly Rose Oldham is the daughter of renowned American actress Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham. She shares a sibling named AjaBleu Oldham.

Early Life: Born on October 19, 1998, in Los Angeles, Butterfly Rose grew up immersed in the entertainment industry alongside her sister, AjaBleu.

Education: She pursued her education at the University of Paris before continuing her studies at The New School in Manhattan, demonstrating her intellectual curiosity and global perspective.

Career: Butterfly Rose is currently a marketing manager at Bernstein Financial Services Inc., having previously worked for Kimberly Elise Natural Living, showcasing her dedication and ambition in her professional endeavors.

Personal Life: In November 2019, she publicly announced her relationship with Kashan Jabari Fields, a native of Jacksonville, Florida. They have since maintained a relatively private relationship.

Community Involvement: Butterfly Rose actively participates in philanthropic efforts, contributing to the Humboldt State University’s Cultural Resource Center (CRF), demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond her professional sphere.

Pet Loss: She experienced the loss of her beloved pet, Kyla, in May 2018, highlighting her compassion and empathy in dealing with personal challenges.

Net Worth: While Butterfly Rose’s net worth remains undisclosed, her mother, Kimberly Elise, has amassed considerable wealth from her acting career, estimated to be around $2 million as of 2023.


Who are Butterfly Rose Oldham’s parents?

Butterfly Rose’s parents are Kimberly Elise, a renowned American actress, and Maurice Oldham.

When was Butterfly Rose Oldham born?

Butterfly Rose was born on October 19, 1998, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What is Butterfly Rose Oldham’s profession?

Butterfly Rose currently works as a marketing manager at Bernstein Financial Services Inc.

Is Butterfly Rose Oldham in a relationship?

Yes, Butterfly Rose announced her relationship with Kashan Jabari Fields in November 2019.

What is Butterfly Rose Oldham’s net worth?

Butterfly Rose’s net worth is undisclosed, but her mother, Kimberly Elise, has an estimated net worth of around $2 million as of 2023.


Butterfly Rose Oldham, born into the limelight as the daughter of Kimberly Elise and Maurice Oldham, has navigated her own path while embracing her family’s legacy in the entertainment industry. With a diverse educational background and a thriving career in marketing, she exemplifies dedication and ambition. Despite maintaining a relatively private personal life, her commitment to community involvement and her compassionate nature shine through.

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