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Jonathan Owens arises as a champion figure in the domain of expert football, enrapturing crowds with his ability as a security for the Houston Texans in the Public Football Association (NFL). Brought into the world on July 22, 1995, in St. Louis, Missouri, Owens’ excursion to turf fame started enthusiastically lighted in his childhood. 

Succeeding scholastically and physically, he leveled up his abilities at Loyola Institute of St. Louis and later at Christian Siblings School Secondary School (CBC), where his abilities on the field procured him acknowledgment as the CBC Linebacker of the Year. Fuelled by commitment and constant assurance, Owens proceeded with his football odyssey at Missouri Western State College, studying pre-non-intrusive treatment while making a permanent imprint as a protective back for the MWSU Griffons. 

Presently, wearing the Texans’ shirt starting around 2020, Owens has become inseparable from cautious greatness, collecting praise for his vital commitments to the group’s prosperity. With a convincing mix of expertise, determination, and enduring energy for the game, Jonathan Owens remains as a demonstration of the extraordinary force of tirelessness and responsibility chasing field significance.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth

Jonathan Owens is an American master football player alluded to for his occupation as solid areas for a with the Green Strait Packers in the NFL. His complete resources is surveyed to be around $2 million. Owens has had an extraordinary calling, ahead of time playing for the Arizona Cardinals in 2018 and the Houston Texans from 2019 to 2022.

Despite his athletic achievements, Owens obtained basic media thought through his association with Simone Biles, the most improved American gymnastic expert of all time. The couple got the bundle in April 2023. Adding to his public affirmation, Jonathan was featured in “People” magazine’s once-over of the 21 “Most smoking Men in Sports” in November 2023.

Who is Jonathan Owens?

Jonathan Owens is a gifted football player right now causing disturbances as a security for the Houston Texans in the NFL. He’s been shaking the Texans shirt starting around 2020, bringing his A-game to each match. Brought into the world on July 22, 1996, Owens began leveling up his abilities back in school at Missouri Western State College. 

His devotion and difficult work paid off, procuring him a spot in the major associations. Known for his great guarded plays, Owens has turned into a central participant for the Texans, drawing acknowledgment for his commitments on the field. His enthusiasm for the game and obligation to his group make him a fan #1 and an amazing powerhouse in the NFL.

Early life

Jonathan James Owens, brought into the world on July 22, 1995, in St. Louis, Missouri, fostered an enthusiasm for football from the get-go throughout everyday life. He started his scholar and athletic excursion at Loyola Foundation of St.

Louis prior to continuing on toward Christian Siblings School Secondary School (CBC). At CBC, he played under the direction of mentor Scott Pingel, where he immediately became well known on the field. His amazing exhibition procured him the title of CBC Linebacker of the Year, featuring his true capacity and devotion to the game.


NameJonathan Owens
Date of BirthJuly 22, 1995
Place of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri
EducationLoyola Academy of St. Louis; Christian Brothers College High School; Missouri Western State University
NFL TeamsArizona Cardinals (2018); Houston Texans (2019-2022); Green Bay Packers (2023-Present)
Height5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight210 pounds (95 kg)
Marital StatusMarried to Simone Biles (since April 2023)
Notable Achievements– Recognized for defensive skills and contributions to team’s defense; – Married Olympic gymnast Simone Biles
Net WorthEstimated $2 million

Jonathan Owens Education

Jonathan Owens’ instructive excursion started in St. Louis, Missouri, where he went to Loyola Institute of St. Louis. He then continued on toward Christian Siblings School Secondary School (CBC), where he played football under mentor Scott Pingel. Owens’ ability on the field radiated through, acquiring him the title of CBC Linebacker of the Year. 

Following secondary school, he proceeded with his schooling and football profession at Missouri Western State College. At the college, he studied pre-exercise based recuperation while succeeding as a cautious back in the football crew, accomplishing huge acknowledgment for his exhibition on the field.

Jonathan Owens Age

Jonathan Owens was brought into the world on July 22, 1995, making him 28 years of age starting around 2023. Experiencing childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, Owens fostered an energy for football from the beginning, which he sought after overwhelmingly all through his instructive excursion. 

His age plays had a critical impact in his vocation timetable, stamping key achievements from secondary school football honors to his continuous expert profession in the NFL. Regardless of his generally youthful age, Owens has proactively made huge progress both on and off the field, including his union with Olympic athlete Simone Biles.

Jonathan Owens Height

Jonathan Owens stays at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. His level and weight have contributed essentially to his show on the football field, allowing him to prevail as serious solid areas for an in the NFL. This real level has been productive all through his athletic employment, from his auxiliary school days at Christian Kin School Optional School to his continuous occupation with the Green Sound Packers. His particularly manufactured frame has enabled him to persevere through the genuine solicitations of master football, making him an overwhelming presence on the field.

Jonathan Owens Personal life

In 2020, Jonathan Owens met Olympic tumbler Simone Biles through the dating application Raya. In spite of her worldwide notoriety, Jonathan conceded that he didn’t have any idea who she was at that point. The couple immediately fostered areas of strength for an and became taken part in February 2022. They originally wedded in a town hall function in Houston, Texas, on April 22, 2023, trailed by a lovely service in Cabo San Lucas on May sixth.

Their relationship acquired broad consideration, and in December 2023, they showed up on “The Turn Digital recording.” During the meeting, Jonathan shared that he knew nothing about Simone’s VIP status when they initially met. At the point when have Ryan Clark entertainingly inquired as to whether Jonathan viewed himself as the catch in their relationship, Jonathan answered certainly, “I generally say that the men are the trick.” This comment started reaction via online entertainment, for certain clients naming him as a “mobile warning” and “discourteous.” Regardless of the discussion, Jonathan and Simone’s relationship stays solid and freely celebrated.

Jonathan Owens Family

Jonathan Owens hails from an affectionate family, where love and backing structure the underpinning of their bond. While explicit insights concerning his family may not be broadly promoted, it’s obvious that they’ve assumed a critical part in forming him into the individual and competitor he is today. Whether it’s cheering from the sidelines at his games or offering inspirational statements during testing times, Owens’ family remains by him through various challenges. 

Their immovable help fills in as a wellspring of solidarity, persuading him to push harder and arrive at more noteworthy levels in his football profession. While their security is regarded, their effect on Owens’ life is evident, mirroring the significance of family in forming one’s excursion to progress.

Jonathan Owens Career

Following going undrafted in the 2018 NFL Draft, Jonathan Owens was embraced by the Arizona Cardinals as a free trained professional. Unfortunately, a knee injury incited him being delayed before the season started, and he spent the entire year on hurt hold. In August 2019, the Cardinals conceded Owens, and he in a little while joined the Houston Texans’ preparation team. Yet again by November 2019, Owens had been raised to the Texans’ dynamic program, just to be conceded two days sometime later and supported to the preparation group.

In January 2020, Owens got a save/future concurrence with the Texans, yet the gathering conceded him again in September. Disregarding this disaster, he returned to the preparation team and was raised to the powerful program for two games in October. By December 2020, Owens had secured an all the more enduring spot on the powerful program. 

The following year saw a movement of back and forth improvements: he was delayed but again embraced to the preparation team in August 2021, then raised back to the powerful rundown in December, and before long, he denoted a two-year, $1.175 million concurrence with the Texans. 

His 2022 season was cut short in light of an isolated wrist, landing him on hurt hold in January. In May 2023, Owens denoted a one-year, $1.01 million concurrence with the Green Straight Packers, meaning one more segment in his NFL calling.

Jonathan Owens College Career

Jonathan Owens started his school football venture at Missouri Western State College (MWSU), where he was redshirted during the 2013 season. Playing as a protective back for the MWSU Griffons, Owens had a tremendous effect on the field. His devotion and expertise were perceived in his last season in 2017, when he was named MWSU Male Understudy Competitor of the Year. Moreover, he procured second-group all-Mid-America Intercollegiate Sports Affiliation respects, highlighting his ability and commitments to the group.

Past his athletic accomplishments, Owens succeeded scholastically. He was on the Scholarly Honor Roll consistently, mirroring his obligation to his examinations. Studying pre-non-intrusive treatment, Owens initially tried to turn into a specialist, offsetting his scholastic interests with his athletic responsibilities. His time at MWSU was set apart by areas of strength for an ethic both on and off the field, establishing a strong starting point for his future undertakings.

Jonathan Owens Relationship

In April 2023, the world celebrated as two dearest figures, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens, secured the bunch in an endearing service. Selecting a close issue, the couple traded promises in a town hall in Houston, simply seven days in the wake of getting their marriage permit. The happy event was imparted to fans overall as Biles and Owens took to Instagram to affirm their association, sharing sweet previews of their unique day. Their romantic tale caught the hearts of many, and their obligation to one another was obvious in each truly flawless second. It was a wonderful beginning to their excursion together, loaded up with affection, bliss, and vast potential outcomes.

Jonathan Owens Social Media

Jonathan Owens keeps a functioning presence via virtual entertainment stages, quite Instagram, where he shares looks into his own and proficient existence with fans and adherents. Through his Instagram account, he presents in the background bits of knowledge into his preparation routine, game features, and minutes enjoyed with loved ones. 

Drawing in with his crowd through photographs, recordings, and sincere subtitles, Owens encourages a feeling of association and fellowship with his allies. His online entertainment presence features his devotion to football as well as gives a stage to him to collaborate with fans, offer thanks for their help, and offer the delights of his excursion in the NFL and then some.


  • Estimated Worth: Jonathan Owens’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.
  • Career Earnings: His income is primarily derived from his professional football career, which includes stints with the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, and currently, the Green Bay Packers.
  • Marriage to Simone Biles: Owens’ marriage to Olympic gymnast Simone Biles adds to his public recognition and may have financial implications through endorsements or joint ventures.
  • Media Attention: His relationship with Biles and his own accomplishments on the field have garnered significant media attention, potentially leading to additional income streams.
  • Endorsements: As a professional athlete with a growing public profile, Owens may also earn income through endorsements, sponsorships, and partnerships with brands.


How did Jonathan Owens amass his net worth? 

Owens’ net worth primarily comes from his earnings as a professional football player in the NFL, supplemented by potential endorsement deals and media appearances.

Does Owens’ marriage to Simone Biles impact his net worth?

While specific financial details are not disclosed, Owens’ marriage to Biles likely contributes to his public recognition and may open up opportunities for joint ventures or endorsements.

Has Owens received any significant endorsements? 

Details about Owens’ endorsements are not widely publicized, but as a professional athlete with a growing public profile, he may attract endorsement deals in the future.

What other factors contribute to Owens’ net worth? 

In addition to his football career and potential endorsements, Owens’ media presence, including appearances in magazines and on social media, may contribute to his overall net worth.


Jonathan Owens, a professional football player in the NFL, has achieved notable success both on and off the field. With an estimated net worth of $2 million, his earnings primarily stem from his football career, including contracts with various teams. His marriage to Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has also contributed to his public recognition and may have financial implications. Owens’ growing media presence and potential endorsement deals further add to his financial standing.

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